Yes! Our First Year Of Marriage

by - August 22, 2014

Same time last year, it rained in the morning just as today, we had spoken on the phone all morning as we anticipated our big day.  We were in the same hotel getting ready with our families, so beautiful. So beautiful.......It was a day that we had worked so hard for, prayed so hard for, and a day that God put together.

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Today, we celebrate a year of marriage. Thank you Lord. It's been amazing, we've accomplish so much together, we've grown so much together and our Love foundation is so strong forever.
Above all, we are thankful for the support of our families, friends and loved ones, and to you our readers. It's a blessing to be young and in love. 

We really want to have another wedding, sometime in the future. After we have some little ones running around. We relive our wedding day through pictures, presents and the love of all who supported us, and continue to support us. 

As we journey into our sophomore year, we're confident that God will continue to prevail in all that we do.

Love Always

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