The Choices We Make

by - August 29, 2014

Try to imagine tomorrow, you can decide to paint it the way you want it, you can make it colourful or dull, bright or meek, but most people would want a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow starts with the choices we make today. The decisions we make, undoubted determination mixed with the right amount of persistence and self motivation is all it takes for a better tomorrow. 

You should read this blog if you've put your dreams to reality, or have set goals that are in progress. On here, is a testament of determination, hardwork, and persistence. The choices we've made is what has groomed us this way. There's no magic pill. On second thought, you're the magic pill. Only you can make your dreams come true. 

Not too long after we met, it was obvious that we wanted the same achievements and accomplishments in life, so we set sail. Aware of the strong tides and high winds, we were determined to swim through challenges, today, we are confident and humbled to enjoy the cool breeze and warm weather in these calm winds. 

There are no shortcuts in life. Hard work is the only pill to success. Be mindful of the choices you make, be conscious of how it affects everyone around you. 

Love Always,

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