Creating Our Baby Registry

by - February 20, 2018

It's fair and hones to say that we were clueless initially when we decided to create a baby registry. In excitement, and eager the have a registry, for the sake of the people who asked, we created registries at pottery barn kids, target, baby's r us, and the list goes on. We chose bibs, colorful socks, lots of blue items, and lots of yellow items too. 

Honestly, most of the items we had listed on our registry we chose out of excitement of becoming parents, and what we assumed we would need. We totally went overboard initially, and narrowed down gradually as sheepishly came to our senses. However, before we narrowed down, we did what we had always done best, to consult with our friends who had been through parenting, and their suggestions compared to ours, was night, and day. We later learned differences in the simple items such as glass bottle and plastic bottle, why diapers would be our best-possessed item. 

So, we settled for target and babies "r" us because of the quality of their products, affordability, and convenience in close proximity to where we live. Also, we centered more on the later as they offered price matching, 1 year returns, mobile access, 15% discount, free shipping, and expert consultation (free) as needed. Furthermore, we resulted to a lot of product reviews from various website platforms, but the most handy advice came from new parents, in the same age group as us, and of African decent. We don't want to sound too ethnocentric, but culture is everything. 

To date, we are so grateful for everyone who chipped in to support us, either in buying the simple items or the highly priced items, because every effort counts. Our parents and the Godparents to our babies bared the costs for the highly priced items and we are forever grateful. Doing the math now, money cannot replace the generosity, encouragement, and motivation as we planned to become new parents. 

We're getting somewhere with all of these posts, hang in there, let's talk about the Baby Shower next. 

Dennis & Lilian 

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