2 Years Ago Today, God Blessed Us With 2

by - March 16, 2018

We are so thankful to God for another blessed year. The support of our families, friends and loved ones has fueled our resilience. Everyday we learn something new. Each day our babies have grown and are filling into their presence into this lifetime. It has been quite a journey, and watching them meet their milestones is so heartwarming. We cherish every single thing they do, for we know how tough this journey has been as new parents, and also premies. The joys, the stress, the anxieties, the novice mentality of not knowing what to expect have all solidified  our so called parenting skills. 

Nonetheless, we do have a long way to go, however, each day comes with its blessings and challenges, and these pulsatile moments toughens us to be better each day. Now they sleep through the night, and we always anticipate seeing them in the mornings.

Same time last year, we had met our goal by surviving a first year of parenthood, and by far the most challenging. We remember being so sleep deprived and so tired during the day, and still managed to have full-time jobs. It took a while for us to have a smooth rhythm, and once we fell in sync with chores, sleep patterns and feeding cycles, life became a little easier.  The sleepless nights alone took a while to get used to, and not being able to have a sound sleep because of how fragile our babies were sends a rush of adrenaline through our veins as we talk about it. 

Most importantly our babies are two today, and thats so joyful. They're so silly in every aspect. The funny sounds they make as they chase each other during playtimes, come to think of it, everytime is playtime, as they challenge themselves running, or repeatedly call "mama" dada" grandma" over and over again. 

This love in our life is awesome, we want to share our journey with you, and most importantly for for this love for everyone. We hear two is challenging, but we love being here, and we love every second of us growing in harmony, love and God's glory. 

Our Love 
Dennis & Lilian 

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