What A Beautiful Day

by - April 21, 2014

We've had fun today, it's been a long journey of academia and work, so we took advantage of this beautiful spring day and had a blast. We had crepe for breakfast, boat ride this afternoon, and movies, in the evening; now, were all bundled up at home. But blogging has sneaked into our thoughts. The eagerness to share how much fun we had today is quite important.

From French origin, crepes have become our favorite options for breakfast/brunch depending on what day it is. The option to make it the way you want is freedom to curious taste buds. We stopped by this morning at Bonjour Cafe, and it was very much worth it. It was clean, very spacious compared to other creperies places, and the customer service was on-point. We had the BANANA, STRAWBERRY, CHOCOLATE NUTELLA CREPE ...for $7.50 with a scoop of vanilla, not 100%  the healthiest option, but we couldn't resist. The cappuccino was perfect, and served as good accent to compromise for our sweet tooth. The waitress was excellent, and most importantly, the kitchen was clean, and they had gloves on. Yep! Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Next we went to the library to print out some documents, and headed for an afternoon packed adventure. A paddle boat ride. It was amazing, it was beautiful, the water was on its best behavior, and we paddled, and fondled in any geographical direction possible.  We took some silly pictures, and could not stop taking them. See below, and check out our instagram page here.

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