by - December 31, 2012

Dear 2013,
We haven't met yet, but we are optimistic, proud, confident that you will be full of success intertwined 

with more love, more love and more love.

In a few hours, we'll get to meet each other. We're not nervous at all, never that, however, the feeling 

butterflies in our stomach- yeah you can say that

It would be love at first sight

For now we reflect tonight

You will overcome all the flaws of 2012, and yield more blessings to the ones from 2012.

You will bring happiness to the broken hearted, more joy to the sorrow, more peace, love and harmony 

to the war stricken

Become any solid rock in our Lives
Become any mountain to overcome
Become all you can in God's image
Become Love for all

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