Top 3 Things We Loved This Week

by - January 10, 2013

The week is not over, however, these are the top 3 things we've loved far:

Loving: We (Dennis  & Lilian) have worked almost 48 hours this week, and, have been able to blend in school, family and our love strong- all by God's grace. We are humbled everyday and pray for God's guidance and blessings in all we do.

Oliver-Mtukudzi-tuku is such an amazing musician, he lives and loves music. The lost of his son rocked his world, but he's been able to gain strength through music, and continues to recover. We have learned from his passion for his art and his love + dedication to family; on the whole his everlasting love for music.

Nelson Mandela recovers. His life means a lot to all of humanity, his struggle has healed a lot of wounds, and he's God sent. Compassionate, charismatic, forgiving, warm, and kind- a great deal of positive accolades for man to strive for

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