Mothers Are Golden

by - February 28, 2014

From the time a woman is pregnant till she conceives a golden child, there is a heavenly transformation of her mind, body, and soul- a period I love to call,"God at work". The concept of pregnancy is incomparably delicate, precise and well articulated. Honestly, it's best magic trick nature has to offer to humanity. It's filled with many emotions of joy, pain, love, blended with God's blessings and euphoria.

My mother, has had three of these Godly experiences. That means that she's seen God's presence in her life that many times. I'm not surprised that she's an angel. Choosing to endure this three times in a lifetime puts her on a pedestal of elegance and profound accomplishment not measured only by mankind, but signified as a blessing and mercy from God.

Mama, It's your birthday today, happy birthday ooooo.You are such an amazing person that if I wasn't your son, I'd have done everything possible to be nurtured by your love, patience and dedication. Honest to God, you are an amazing woman. You've thought me great lessons in life, for this day, I'm humbled and blessed to be your son.

I can talk about you for days. But simply put, I love you. Before I sign out for the day, at the age of six, on a summer morning in Ghana, I was in Class One then, and I forgot to tell the night before that I had to take some sticks for Math, you woke up early with me, we walked to the Presy school in Betom, it had rained the night before, so the the frogs and tadpoles were singing to welcome the day, and we walked carefully by the ditches and got some sticks from a nearby tree. Such dedication, going above and beyond always. I love you. 

Happy Birthday,
Love you,

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