by - February 07, 2013

Love strong,

By now, you have read most of the post's on this blog and made a conclusion that love is always 

smooth, and obstacle free; well, that's for the movies.  To us Love is an umbrella term that embraces a

bunch of positive accolades, negates negative notions. Our love is not without some fiber of differences

and misunderstandings. 

Not surprisingly, we do have moments when we have our differences, yep we do; hey! hey! hey! come

on now, it's only human that we do; sometimes, we too have some a rifts, and unintentional turns too

you know! We call them love speed bumps- we tend to move too fast for our own pace. We are able to 

 come out of it successfully by God's grace in effective communication; through this we have matured.

Coming out from an argument can be difficult; however, it's this aspect of a relationship

which separates the girls from the women, and the men from the boys. We've learned this very well- the

hard way, and have accepted to respect each other at all times, therefore, when we smell "smoke"we do

not look for the "matches", we both don't hesitate to quench that fire- no smokey Love.

Love strong, literally means loving all out knowing there would be some difficult times, and that you're 

not alone. Love strong together, Love strong forever . When we first started dating, the honeymoon

phase was amazing, then we evolved into our real "selve's"- 

3 years after, Loving stronger and stronger

I just got my finger's slapped'clx, I think she's trying to say, we're writing too much in this post- 

a tease is vital....

Love Strong, Love Forever
See you later

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