Love Makes Me Feel

by - February 26, 2013

She Makes Me Feel

Happy, Loved, Lively, Happy, Relaxed, 

A Dream Come True, Silly, Happy,

 Laughing, Happy, Glad, Young, Handsome, Respected, 

Appreciated, Happy, Successful, Warm, Determined,

 Motivated, Optimistic, Family, Loved, Sexy, Happy

She Makes Me Feel


Peace of Mind, Peace at Heart

Ready to Love Forever, Heaven on Earth

Pep in My Step, Laugh at Work With Thoughts of Her

Be Myself At All Times

Well Banku'ed and Okra Souped :>

Fufu and Goat Souped :>

Jolloffffffffed :>

Determined To Love More, and More

She Makes Me Feel

Happy, Poised, Moving, Kicking, Happy

Non-Stop Love, Free, More Happiness, Accomplished, Charismatic, 

Joyful, Honored, Courageous, Hugged, Happy

Smile, Present, Confident, Serene, Blue, Happy

Full, Desired, Tingled, Happy, Tickled, GooseBumped 

She Makes Me Feel


Honeyed, Happy, Thought of, Happy, Heard 

Caressed, Home, Royal, Invested, Happy

Keep Loving, Happy, Committed, Honeymooned, 

Engaged, Happy, Family

She Makes Me Feel Ready for At Last

Love You Baby

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