2 Tips To A Healthy Relationship?

by - March 12, 2013

It's truthful and certain to say that having a good relationship can be the best thing one can hope for in a lifetime. Be it a friendship, marriage, or family, the perks in a healthy relationship joyfully overshadows the many potential barriers in life.

In many of our post's we have emphasized on loving each other, and loving ourselves, we see these components as ultimate strongholds to a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship entails all the "good things" that you want to happen for your relationship.

We are neither relationship experts nor counselor's- we are simply lovers. Therefore, we do not anticipate to set a stage for expert opinions. If you doubt our tips to a healthy relationship, feel free to "keyboard it out". Our Love Speaks For Itself

1. Respect each other at all times
No matter what situation you're in, whether you're at home or in public, talk to each other with respect and dignity. You're all grown up now, no more crying and dragging yourself to the ground or sucking your thumb in public.  Relationship is no stage to test how emotionally feeble you're, it's a stage to mature into a new milestone. Get it together.

2. Stay healthy: Limit your alcohol intake, save yourself some money, and for the sake of the monstrous cost of healthcare, stay healthy. Eat a low sodium, high fiber diet, well portioned size meals, cut down carbonated beverages, cut down on the fried foods, bake, grill, and exercise. Walk, run, some strength training is ideal also.

Decide to live. Live your lifetime to the best of you, for the sake of the Love you share in your Relationship

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