Love You, Dad

by - March 10, 2013

The Love I have for my father is one that is unique, and it really feel's good to write about him. Simply put, because he's amazing.  I'm very proud of my father, and I'm proud of my dad.  I wish I could remember the look on his face when he had his first son: An African King.

In my eye's he's an African King. My father has always put family first, and he continues to play a vital role in our lives. He's thought me dedication, commitment, determination, family, charisma, kindness, and leadership- just to name a few. Also, how to dress, my brother's and I always had nice suits and ties' matching shoes- you name it- Pop's made sure we looked as cool as him- Always!!!!

Pops is cool dad. He's too cool man! He's full of ideas.

The suits the ties, the shirts, the shoes, the man has his own "swag".
As a child, I was always excited when we had to talk about our parents in school, they both had professions, yet, they found plenty of time for us. It felt good to say "my father is an accountant".

We had the yearly Christmas parties as kids, with the big cake, soft drinks, the highlight drink was Fanta, Mirinda, Coca Cola and Pepsi- I remember we had Kool Aid kind'a drink- all with Jollof and some "chips". We had great times with all the kids in the neighborhood swamped into our home year after year.

Much Love Dad

Love you Dad

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