What To Do To Keep Her

by - May 29, 2013

The things you do for this beautiful woman in your life will fuel of your relationship.
It pretty much determines how long and how successful you two will become.  All you have to do is .........make her happy at all times and she would do the same. That's it.  No financial burden here.

This is pretty simple. Think about what made her like you initially, what made her fall for you........ Remember the things you did? Remember how you felt when you imagined being with her? How much you wanted her, and all the sweet lies?
She might have said it to you a couple times, or expressed what she likes/loves about you, so, build on that.

For example, if what she loved about you was you being a good listener, be the best listener. Build on that, as time goes on, listen to her more, tell her you want to hear anything new that bothers her once in a while.

Take it another step, cuddle as she talks to you, feel her warmth and hold her tighter to ensure her sense of security within you. Reinforce what she's said, support, comfort, respect and acknowledge all about her. You are her man, and she's your woman, just the two of you, to make the best out of life, therefore, keep each other happy, keep that euphoric fire burning at all times, and find positive reasons to stay strong during hard times.

Love Always

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