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by - August 12, 2013

When we first began to get to know each other, the first few months was very interesting, we must repeat that very interesting. As we look back and reflect on some of the moments we shared and perceptions we had for each other, we joyously laugh both in shame of false expectations and in bliss of the successes we've made.

When we would go out on dates, our talks were like emptying out our wardrobe, and refilling it with new refined items. What made this time most memorable  was that we poured out our strengths and weaknesses without worry of being taken advantage of. We opened up, and opened up more to courtship and lifetime commitment.  There has always been a sense of peacefulness and trustworthiness that we have for ourselves.  Deep down within our young and fragile hearts, we knew that "this was it of us". We both had gotten tired of not having what we longed for.

Its funny how we were both on our best behavior the first 90 days. Yep, approximately 3 months of euphoria and clandestine angelic behaviors. We enjoyed every bit of it, and we must say, it was a crucial and relevant time in our courtship. Now as we reflect on those days, we have realized that we were both certain and comfortable to commit to each other at an early phase of our relationship.

There were no waiting for texts messages before we called each other, no selfishness- it was all, and has always been selflessness. Soon, we quickly snapped into reality to address our long terms goals. By doing so, we realized some fine-tuned similarities we shared, and that helped us to form a  more concrete, and solidified young love.

Our first conversation was detailed in topics such as religion, healthcare, further education, living the "good-life' staying healthy, and planning for the future for our parents. No where did we talk about us, it was like we were already together as we planned for our future. The smiles and euphoria were so genuine that they mimicked our childhood fantasies.

As days went by, we changed our cell phone data plans to accommodate data demands. We talked and texted all the time. Non-stop.  Furthermore, the eagerness to see each other would later curtail to mould what we are and who we are today- simply imperfect us.

Our parents were happily surprised, our siblings the same, most of all God smiled at his creation more and more as He showered us with blessings, grace, communication, occasional unplanned arguments with embraced resolution.

Getting engaged, we flew into a newness in happiness, joy and security. And as we elevate into what God has planned for us in a few days to come, we do so with humility, and grace. The life we live is not by our making, neither is it by our prayers alone; our parents knees have sunk deep within sand and concrete interceding for us through prayer and meditation on God's word- and that's what makes' us what we are today.

Our friendships have been abundant and blessed.  In the midst of all this, we remain engraved in humility and positivity to overcome all challenges, and set new milestones in all that we desire to be.

Thank you for your time,
Love Always,
Dennis and Lilian.

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