A Year Old Today!!!!!!

by - December 16, 2013

It was a beautiful Winter Sunday afternoon, exactly a year ago today, we had just gotten home from church, and we started brainstorming on doing something different, so we utilized the internet. It took a while before the landed on the idea of a blog. We browsed and browsed, and the birth of the blog came to life. It's been an amazing year. We continue to enjoy sharing our life with you.

From then on, we've shared most our lovely moments here, and we will continue to add more features in the coming year. The shops have been amazing, ASOS has been the main fashion culprit to a fashion trend, and gradually other vendors have joined. Feel free to share our closet. 
God continues to do amazing and wonderful things in our lives. It's a prayer that we inspire you with our genuinity and imperfection.

Love Always,
Dennis and Lilian 

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