Countless Reasons To Revisit Rhode Island 1

by - September 01, 2015

The title of this post amplifies the perception that we've explored the whole state of Rhode Island, maybe in our mind we did. But in Actuality, we visited just two beautiful and historic cities in the eloquent state, Providence and Newport. We've been to Providence a couple of times, and each time it's a memorable experience. We blogged about our last visit in this post.

This time around, it was quite an experience, as we got to explore Newport and Providence.  We didn't get enough of the good seafood,  nice simmering summer weather amidst its historic architecture and gorgeous coastal landmarks. We spent less than 3 full days, and we hunger for to explore this beautiful American state on our next visit.  It's an ideal place to visit with friends and family.

We enjoyed it the most because we didn't have to stay in a  hotel, we had no issues with wifi limitations or gigantic bills of room services, but simple family love, staying at home ; it gets no better. By tightening family times, and drawing more closure life becomes more explorable and sets a stage to form more solid bonds. 

We set out late at night on a Friday Summer Evening, and arrived before midnight. The drive was smooth and less cumbersome, and most cars were in sync with traffic in regards to speed travelled, there were a few naughty trucks here and there mixed with the usual police presences - acknowledged; and by Gods grace we arrived uneventfully. Getting through the George Washington bridge was an ordeal, the heavy sluggishly made any effort to move, but slowly but surely we made it through momentarily. Our playlist was enticing this time, so glued onto an audiobook, we listened in pure silence, as the message kept us glued in. So much that we had to pause at times to have some human communication : talk to me baby, we would jokingly say. 

At a point during the drive, we heartbreakingly hit a deep pothole, let's take a moment of silence to pretend as if that never happened...... Still hurts man! We thank God, no mechanical injury known to have been caused. Come to think of it, that was the only driving obstacle we experienced during there the whole trip. We continued our journey through Connecticut and shortly after we arrived in Providence. The hospitality we received is/was the major reason for us to go back countless times. We felt at home, got a late night tour, some good conversations in the midst of senseless laughter and curtailed with Pinot Grigio.
We stayed up late and woke up late.
Our plan was to wake up and go to Block Island, or tour the Mansions, but that good homey sleep got the best of us. However, we did make it to Newport, RI.

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