Love & Family: Montreal, Quebec 2

by - August 27, 2015

After a well deserved nap, which felt like a days worth of sleep, but in actuality, lasted only for only 30 minutes, we headed to downtown MTL; childishly, we giggled as we're very  excited to finally get to explore this beautifully perceived city". As we arrived, we looked at each other, smiled, we knew that it has been worth the hype.
So unique, some parts antique, with cobblestones, lots of history, art, color, culture, vibrance, elegance, love and family all nixed into one city. That's some serious business. A well planned city we must admit, and purposely encorporated with artistry concepts of the old and new, the roads wide and narrow, with some downhills, uphills, vendors, tourists, people from all walks of life, exclusively not crowded on our visit. We parked, courtesy of Mrs. C, there should be a smiley face next to her name ( we're so appreciative) ; and rest assured, the picture taking began enthusiastically. 

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We were so eager to try a local meal in the midst of our adventure................. and when we did, hmm! hm! hm! was so good.
 Actually, it was difficult to leave that spot. We wanted more, and still want some more. It tasted so good, lasted so short, but mentally it has stayed in our taste buds. to make sure it settled well in our stomach, we had to enforced it travelled smoothly by topping it up with some ice-cream, we had craved ice-cream for a while, but we don't recollect getting any; oh! we did. Later on at the Jazz Festival.

We continued on, walked for a while, explored, snapped pictures from various angles, of various buildings, people, boats, pavements, cars, you name it, we snapped it. We continued our quest of exploration, and decided to do something different, something we all had not experienced, so, we decided to ride a chariot. Fulfill our Royalty in MTL.

We all snapped into Royal mode, all for of us on one happy chariot. We can still imagine the sound of the horse shoe on the cabbel stone. Wish it ran faster, just kidding.

Our first time, and it was so much fun. What was the Horse's name? Cindy? Man!  We forgot already! The owner of the horse (what's the proper name for him?) was very enlightening and informative, he took us through various locations in the Old City of Montreal, and shed and shared his historical knowledge with us. Told us old and new tales all mixed into one happy chariot ride in MTL.

We admired the Lofts, and elegant residences, the porch cars, and historical architecture. Must admit, it was an awakening and an eye-opener of how much culture there is. We daydreamed and imagined living there, how it would feel like, and how life would be.....daydreaming went on, and on, still goes on sometimes..........

To be continued.....................

Thank you for Reading,
Dennis & Lilian 

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