Don't Forget The Best Part Of Life, Live, Enjoy It

by - August 24, 2015

It's a blessing to be alive, for us, living is not to be taken for granted, however, life's demands of work and responsibilities, often a time takes away the true essence of Living. It's empowering however to embrace a perception for a desire to create a life one wants. And that's the true essence of Living.
Take us for an example, maybe not one of the worst examples, you might have seen worse or may be a culprit yourself. For our typical week, we spend most of our time working. Working and working, so, we asked ourselves, are we living or working? A little bit of both? We work more. It all comes down to what one is working for, a brighter future? Absolutely!
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As we reminisce often, we think of the so called "the little things in life" we miss, especially the carefree attitude from our Ghana childhood days of concrete financial responsibilities, as compared to  our adult years, it's clear that we've spent our lives working more than living.

As we sit out in this gorgeous sun on this beautiful Sunday, it's almost shameful that we can't remember the last time we allowed the sun to kiss and romance the melanin our skin creates without being on a vacation. Our only use of the sun these days is to acknowledge its a presence as confirmation of another day. We walk straight to our cars and of to work; by the time we leave work, the moon smiles to confirm that the sun has been overcome for the next twelve hours or so...........a perception we work on changing, with persistence, and planning, life gets better

As simple as sitting out in the sun may be, has awakened us. On our quest not to forget about the best part of life, Living, we desire to enjoy the simplicities of life more, and we desire, and plan to do so. By going back to enjoy the simple things in life, we live again. 

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