Married For 2 Years, And A Lifetime To Go

by - August 22, 2015

It feels so gooooooooooood! We made ittttttttt! Wow!
This feels good. We've been married for two years? We made it! We did! We have! We will for many infinite years to come. This marriage is working in our favor, thanks to God, don't be surprised to read "Yep! 2 years"  out of nowhere when reading this piece.

Who knows, very soon we'd be writing books as veteran hubby and wife. With all humility though, we thank God for another year of marriage, we are so excited today as we reflect on our marriage, our life, our challenges, our breakthroughs, future breakthroughs and successes. God has been good to us. Our families and friends have been supportive through the years and we will forever be grateful.  "Yep! 2 years"  

Two years ago today, we were optimistic that August 22nd will become a part of us, a part of our legacy, and today we celebrate this day with so much joy and satiety at our decision to tie the knot. 

So many lessons learned. 
So many places visited.
A lot of food  delicacies explored in food.
Lots of beautiful moments depicted in pictures of the wonderful moments we share, and we've learned a lot from each other.  "Yep! 2 years"  

We thought we knew a lot about each other so it was right to get married, but then we've reliazed that learning about ourselves is lifelong. 

Our passion of more successes remains more poised, and that's a growth in our perception of life and marriage. We come to believe more in ourselves, in each other, and have welcomed our strengths and weaknesses with open arms.

It's still our passion to inspire the true essence of Love in everyone, especially those who do not believe in Love. We will continue to beautifully set a stage of hope, possibilities and infinite depth of love in its entirety. Listen, when you love someone, you're unstoppable, you embark on a journey of selflessness in which the gains outweighs the loss.  "Yep! 2 years"  We've been climbing up in Love and in Life, all because of the things we do and plan together. 
If we had to do it over again, we absolutely will. It feels good to be loved. It feels good to live another day and know that there's more to life with each second of time.  "Yep! 2 years"  

We thank God for our Love. We anticipate the next years to be filled with more laughter, more breakthroughs and more dreams come through. We are winners, not dreamers, we are overcomes, we have more successes too on our way. Stay with us through our journey of life, love, and success. "Yep! 2 years"   

Thank you For Reading,
Dennis & Lilian

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