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by - July 12, 2015

It feels so good to be writing about this wonderful experience.An experience filled with lasting memories of love, family, love, salivating aromas gooood food, cooked with so much soul; man! someone, please, someone take us back to Montreal, Canada.It's an understatement, if we we said, we had a wonderful time, but we think the best way to phrase our short trip to this beautiful city is "Another Home Away From Home.

We agreed to visit MTL with a couple of our friends who have all become family, later in the Fall last year while we visited another beautiful city, Kansas City; and we did blog about that wonderful experience, so feel free to check it out here.

Before the trip, we decided not to read too much about it, we had heard of the magic that happened there, we had heard of the good food, the nightlife, the vibrant culture, and its trendiness, all mixed with French, African, Europen and American influences; but we decided to drive there to validate and explore the goodness we had be told.

We woke up early on a Friday morning, after renting a car the night before, thanks to Thrifty for thier reasonable deals, we set of around 430am, and arrived before 1000am. It was a smooth ride via route 87North, filled lot's of hidden spots for "ticketing", therefore,   we drove cautiously as we utilized "WAZE". By the way, if you haven't downloaded this app in this new age of fluidity in navigation and communication, please download it, and the best part, it's free.

It was foggy earlier during the drive, and weather became clearer, and later on soggy with some rain, and the closer we got to Canada, the less rain we came accross. There were lot of mountains, and trees, with less cars- some reckless trucks as usual; nonetheless, it was a beautiful ride and we got to experience a new part of beautiful America. We drove through upstate New York, some parts of Pennslyvania, Connecticut, Massachesettes, and Vermont;  intertwinned with hills, valley's, flat lands, some sharp and acute turns occasionally.

We went through the border without incident. We had barely called our phone carrier for a data plan 5 minutes before reaching the border, and it was humorous listening to a an English GPS attempt to give us directions through a French province; surprisingly, we made it there safe and smoothly.As we approached, we saw more of an industrialized town with bridges and farms at the outskirts, we got curious as to what to expect, but the closer we got, the more we felt at home.

We reached Home, and we gracefully welcomed with a warrrrrrrrm hug, with ambience of peace, serenity, mixed with comfort and compassion. Not too long after arriving, we had to put sleep to the test; the snores, and drools might have left our imrints in Canada. Our bed was so comfortable, waking up in the mornings was always a challenge.

Soon our brother and sister (Cyam & Caleb) arrived and the rest will have to be in the next post......
Love Only,

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