Lifelong Friendships We Cherish.

by - February 21, 2015

What happened to us writing more this year? We thought we'd be more poised and upbeat to writing, be consciously proactive to shed more light on our journey; nonetheless, it is not too late. Even though February is almost gone, March will be here shortly, there's still time to catch up. 

With a positive mindset and continuous  quest to live and love, we've made significant milestones so far. Teasingly, we will let you in. Before we do that, let's remind you on your New Year's Resolutions.... Are you living up to them? Have you accomplished any significant milestones? We'd love to hear about it. 

Part of our resolutions is to volunteer, and we're so close to our first volunteer opportunity. It's been a cold winter and to volunteer some time at a Soup Kitchen or Homeless shelter will be rewarding. 

A milestone as well as a resolution for us is moving from our city to better city. March 1st, we'd be all set.  For now we load and unload in the midst of this brr winter, and in no time, we'd me cozy all over again.

We have also changed jobs, it's sad to miss the family created in our workspaces, but within that sadness is motivation and happiness to make them proud. 

The lifelong friendships are pivotal to our growth, and the support and compassion we've received, we'd give back to others . Have you made some lifelong friendships? What lessons and blessings have they cone with? 

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