Defying the Odds

by - January 26, 2013

If we talked only of the good time's, it wouldn't make us human.

Challenges and obstacle are overcome by God's grace

To create a facade of "a perfect relationship" is ultimately not our goal.  Like everyone else in life, we 

do face challenges; we disagree like any other couple at times, but we face our challenges, and

overcome our pitfalls. 

Defying the odds in any relationship is a major, and a constant ordeal, but prayer smoothens and heals

 all wounds.  No one know's what tomorrow brings, therefore, we live not in perfection, but we flourish

through our falls to achieve merit in our Love.

Today, we are saddened by a loss in our family. Through this, we pray for God's constant protection, 

and guidance in all we do. Day's like this, we are more armored and ironcladed than ever, we lean on 

each other for strength, and for God's ultimate protection.

We defy the odd's pessimism, we will overcome, God be our helper. 

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