by - January 07, 2013

Leaning on each other is one of our strongest building blocks. We have been able to accomplish a lot together by gearing towards working together, sharing ideas, facing our fears, tackling and overcoming challenges.

I always thought I could be independent in all i did, i felt i didn't need anyone. I used to say "I would be able to accomplish all of my goals alone- I'm young, I can party, travel and have no concrete commitments. I would brag about " I don't need to be in a relationship" my friends, especially my lady friends would sigh in so much disappointment and uncertainty.

Fast forward to now, being in a relationship has boosted my achievements- actually I have been able to accomplish more together with my Boo than I would alone.

The teamwork is concrete, and what amazes me the most is the manner in which brainstorming together yields diverse and great viewpoints. Lets say I want to fly to Florida for a vacation when I was single,I would plan to stay in South Beach closer to the clubs and the night life- there's nothing wrong with that now; but now that is boosted with " how about we take  a Ferry to Bahamas the next day....

Interdependence in our love is heavenly. Don't think for a second that we agree on everything, but we acknowledge and respect each other about everything.

Amen to our

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