Love and Harmony

by - January 15, 2013

For the most part, we were both highly independent before we eloped.  
Privacy, Freedom, No commitments,Lots of free-time, and on and on
Then came Love
Love says, "Henceforth, you live with each other for the rest of your lives-learn to live together.
What amazes us is how dependent we have become of each other.  We continue to learn a lot about each other day-in-and-out. The things that we thought we knew about each other, evolves to another form. 

The most important factor we have come to realize is paying attention to the "vital signs". We listen more, empathize and then explore solutions to our concerns. The vital signs include, " Becoming involved in our day-to-day obligations to decrease each other's work load. 
Vital sign is anything that bother's the other- and that has to be attended to, in order to keep Love in equilibrium.

We pleasantly and jokingly share tasks.
We cook for each other
We always eat together
We plan our week(s) together
We set common goals

Love is a beautiful concept when embraced with spirituality. The peace and harmony we share is not by our own making. The challenges we overcome are not by our own strength; therefore, when we fall,  we do not give up, because we believe in God to move us pass/past where we were before.

Amen to our 

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