by - January 18, 2013

Indeed, this is a blessed profession.

Wake up by 5:30am, leave home by 615am, no time to eat breakfast, get to work by 645am, and start working by 658am. Still no breakfast, get report on one, or two, or three patients, and make rounds, attend to orders, verify medications, infusions and patient's critical level's, the clock ticks, and it's 930am.

A sneak in and out to the pantry for some crackers with apple juice or some cereal with milk, goggle it down fast with some water, and back to work. The best 5 minutes of the day much appreciated by a calling appetite. Thank you Lord!!

Get medications, start administering medications, that is if nothing goes wrong with any of the acutely ill patients, by 1050, medications are given, soon, bladder call seems demanding , but new orders demands prevents this organ relief. Ho---ld on.....some Kegel exercise and its all forgotten about.

It's 11am and its time for noon medication administration along with dressing changes, blood administration, sedation holidays, suctioning, oral care, repositioning, decubiti care, pumps and ventilators alarming, phones hacking, monitors screaming v-runs and a-fibs, and soon-------a deep breath, and reality sets in for documentation. All this while and no penned documentation?

Its 1230pm and the bladder roars to empty or be disgraced. Bathroom break amazingly becomes relieving. A deep Sigh of Relieeeeeeeef!!! Eyes closed, and silent patient prioritization is mentally being implemented. Hand hygiene...oops! a text from Love" have a blessed day, I love you" Reply text, and phone rings for patient oxygen desaturation, a page to respiratory therapist to adjust settings, and detailed explanation to panicking family members who anticipates water- into- wine recovery of loved one. Amen!

Indeed this is a blessed profession.

By now, an expert at standing whiles eating, eagerly eats jollof rice from home and ensures to grind chicken musculature to enhance fiber and calcium consumption. A look through the window at sunny and cold afternoon confirms vitamin D deficiency- boy oh boy!!!! Malnutrition, Vitamin D deficiency , Cardiac issues.....ok back to reality. Tops up lunch with no water but some apple juice all in 8 minutes, and its time for documentations and medication administration at 1400.


5 more hours. 5 more hours. Almost there, almost there.Discharge one patient, clean the two left, its 1630, and a trauma alert goes off, "trauma alert adult in the Emergency Room"- announced 2x- to make sure its heard.

Indeed, this is a blessed profession.

Its 1700, and it's confirmed and admission on the way. A family member arrives and demands to speak to the doctor, at the same time  call bell goes of in another patient room while the sedation, pain and paralytic infusing run's out- and pharmacy is yet to replenish inventory.

Indeed, this is a blessed profession.

It's 1800, dehydration, occasional mild calf spasms calls for hydration, mild headache is ignored. Siting becomes is heavenly earned, 5 missed calls from family and students for CPR class, and 4 text messages are replied; 100 emails ignored, and the heart and mind are in perfect harmony.

1830, IV is magically infiltrated, and bowel movement miraculously becomes demand from an assigned patient- another late night- looking like home at 2100, and a repeat of today tomorrow.

Indeed, this is a blessed profession.

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