A Long Kiss Goodnight

by - March 15, 2013

Oh oh! This is the moment we both long for,  this time of the night is special- don't get no silly ideas, yet. Just imagine though, never mind, don't imagine. Back to the point, after a day of just watching time pass by, or a hard day's work, we jump into bed, and the bed engulf's us, and we sigh simultaneously, sometimes synchronously, then we talk, then I talk I should say, because some "sleeper" only require  3 seconds to fall for sweet sleep:>. Maybe a sign of early tranquil aging- I'm quite unsure!

The Kiss Goodnight
Symbolizes the beauty in our relationship after all the toils of the day. Even when we disagree, through that kiss we are able to compromise. It's "childishly" a highlight moment of reassurance as we journey to dreamland and wake to reality. Then the Prayer.

God has been good to us.
We pray that He be good to you and yours, forever, and ever, and ever.

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