A trip to Ghana

by - April 11, 2013

Loved that my father went to Ghana, however, each time I would call, talking to him triggered pleasurable nostalgic feelings- ow much I miss that place. On the phone,  I'd hear the background sounds of noisy taxis and "tro-tro's", the serene calmness at night; the solemn peace in his voice as we spoke made me miss Ghana more and more, and more. Ghana is not the wealthiest of nations, but she's wealthy and worthy in rich African culture.

This picture below is rich in culture and full of sweet memories. It reminds me of all the well cultured childhood memories. I remember all the countless occasions of climbing neighbors walls to "get" some coconut, with sacks ("kotokuo"), and a crew to make sure there were no hostile dogs at watch. Oh boy!!

The comfort of the coconut juice in hot sun, so soothing, cold and relieving. I always marvel at the guys who sold them, precise art it "readying" this "meal" for consumption. I always prayed they would keep all of their fingers.

Eh! Sweet Memories ooo..No he's back, and we're living the daily work-home-bills life.

God Bless.

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