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by - May 27, 2013

The best relationship advice is to have the best relationship with yourself.
That was easy. You probably clicked on the link for a Holy Grail answer, well, maybe we should give you the Holy Grail answer. By now if you follow this blog, you will notice that most of the concepts are intertwined and well related. Our blog embodies concept of Love and Positivity. In this blog we will share the best relationship advice from our point of view.

Sit back and enjoy.

Let's get back to business. We have talked to a lot of people who have long lasting relationships, and some who had long lasting relationships until........ermm..
With that in mind, we went through all of the advice and perspectives we received and penciled out some and sharpened up others; also, we had no choice but to shredded some. Some people's viewpoint on relationship were unfortunately extinct, so we intentionally neglected them.

Back to business. When we first started dating, one of the inceptive endeavors was to meet each other's families; we didn't hesitate because we were certain of the journey we planned to take, therefore, it was pertinent that we started on a good foot.  Well, starting on a good foot meant to meet our families.

To us, meeting our families, most especially our parents meant "Yes this is it, I'm comfortable with you, and I want you o meet my family".  By far, it has been one the best things we did. We got great advice from our families, and those rich, precise and well tongued wise words have been instilled deeply in our hearts and minds; still lives on in our soul.

Honestly, at first, we were both nervous, but deep down within, we knew it would be worthwhile.  It was a humbling experience, very insightful, honest, worthy, and wealthy of support and assurance.

Our best advice to new couples is to get to know each other's families.  Meet them with a positive perspectives, and a poise of confidence. It's ok to be shy initially, you'll come around....It was the same for us.  We are glad that you've figured out what the best advice is.

Love Always,

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