Portraits of Love

by - May 15, 2013

We love taking pictures, at least a pic a day; can you imagine how many pictures we take? We know its almost insane, however, with today's technology, a beautiful Spring, Our Love, Family, Good and Blessed Health, and Great Friendships, why not keep more portraits of Love?

We have so many, so many portraits of love. Taking pictures frames the great moments we share in life in a moment in time. It's a great tool to keep the love juices brewing because it helps start conversations at any point in time. Remember when .....................? There goes an hour of a beautiful dialogue.

It's quite easy to enjoy the pictures you take with today's technology. With Apple TV and Air-Play technology we are able to photo stream all our pictures and videos. Yes, the videos do take some space, so be sure to sync them to your storage device promptly.

Taking pictures keeps us young at heart also. We took lots of pictures growing up, and we are always grateful to share those moments. Its also a wake up call to stay young and healthy. Yep! You know exactly what we mean by that. Good job! Keep that waistline.

Becoming fashionable is a prerequisite for taking great pictures. Should have told you that earlier. See, when you take a picture, it should be easier for someone to effortlessly tell a great story from all angles.  We suggest you add color,  flavor, and most importantly put some soul in your pose, keep it natural and unique. Do your best not to fake a pose, be creative and be you.

Talking about keep up fashion and staying fashionable, we recently discovered Runway Bidder, (it's on our main page) we don't have to say anymore; by all means, definitely check it out- especially the ladies. Don't blame for us for fashion addiction.

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