Marketplace in Ghana: Precious Memories

by - May 09, 2013

The sound of bargaining, the hot sun, the bumping into trader's and shoppers, the smell of fresh veggies, raw foods, the sound of bells ringing, taxi's blowing their horns, the sights of mother's with babies behind their backs, are all significant entities of a rich cultural experience at the Ghanaian market place.

We are no strangers to the Ghanaian marketplace, we've learned bargaining skills from the backs of our mothers under the mercy of the sun, and have endured countless hours of fighting against gravity from the backs of our mother's.

Depending on what time we would go to the market, and what we hoped to buy, it was always a long ordeal.  A choice we had no controll over, now looking back,  it all makes so much sense, and honestly, it is well deserved. Most of the time our experiences were interesting, and other times very time consuming. We never complained that the food we cooked from the produce we bought from the market was heavenly tasting though.

In spite of it all, each experience was different and unique. Every item  we bargained for till the seller is pushed to the wall to make a compromise. We learned that the first rule was not to bargain. You offer a price to win a bargain. Our mother's were, and still are great at this, a skill they as well learned from the spine of their mother's and grandmothers at the marketplace.

The experiences created a ravishing bond and we have learned  to appreciate what our parents have endured to feed our impatient tongue and blessed souls, furthermore, we  understand the sacrifices they made for love. God bless our parents for the sacrifices they made to put food on our plates, and to feed us bread when we asked for it.

Amazingly, on some day's the marketplace were quiet, and there would be less customer's, therefore, on days like that, we would  enjoy running around under the telescopic eyes of our mothers; the best  part was that we would get anything we would ask for; from ice-cream to "toffee's".

In the midst of the hot sun and noise, sometimes, the rain would smile at us, and our skin would blend with the sweat from the sun, still our mother's would make no excuses to fulfill their quest to provide food for the family. Philosophically, food entails, comfort, love, discipline, teaching, nurturing and mentoring.

Adore and Love the Sacrifices of Your Parents
Love Always,
The African King and Queen

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