Love Full-time

by - July 03, 2013

We humbly await our big day ooooo, and it's finally drawing nearer and nearer ooo. We've worked so hard on our relationship, and we are confident that we deserve to be together forever- just like the fairy tails.

Praying always has been vital to us succeeding in our relationship. In the morning before we start the day, at night before dreamland excursion. We've planned well well for this upcoming event, and we believe it would be a remarkable one. 

Its difficult to explain the feelings of anxiousness, excitement, blended with joy, and ecstasy. 

We jokingly stare at each other occasionally as we blog, so excuse some errors on the verbiage.

In short, we are excited, and heavenly blessed to have each other. God has seen us through, and He continue's to break more grounds in our lives. 

By no means should you be fooled to believe that keeping a relationship is a walk in the park- well it is only if you love full time.  It's the best investment with infinite guarantee on return of high dividends on your emmotional, spiritual and physical investment. 
Love Full time- Be happy for a lifetime. 

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