The Simple and Little Things About Love

by - June 28, 2013

Simple things matters a whole lot in a relationship. the relationship tastes better when we as a couple enjoy the same flavor of Love. Appreciating the simple and little things life had to offer, has served us well. We always cherish and are humbled by the simple and the little things in life, therefore, we are able to a lot amazing silly and fun things together. It is one of our strongholds to our beautiful relationship. Tell you what, in the midst of our busy school and work schedules, we find time to take the train once in a while to NYC, this might sound crazy, but we walk almost a mile to the train station, sometimes we miss the train, and Carvel ice cream becomes our forte till the train comes. We put on some extra calories just in case we decide to spend some more time in the city.

The ride to NYC is always interesting in so many ways; filled with unique people from all walks of life, some look relaxed, others stressed, some lovers, some anxious tourists, some dedicated readers, and some excited ones.

Each town is unique with its own architecture and different in landscape. It show's the uniformity as dwelling places and the vast differences in socio-economic status. 

Enough about the train ride, ok, so once we get to the city,  we either catch a play, or go see a movie, or check out some live music spots. The vibe is always different in NYC, makes us miss the peace and the serenity, at same times takes us back to excitement of seeing it the first time. We pace ourselves to have some fun all within a time frame not to miss our train back home. It's fun to hurriedly have fun, just to ease into the uncertainty of another day.

The best part about this experience(s) is that we learn a lot about each other, in our taste of choices and how we both deal with chasing time and being patient ourselves. It's amazing how much you can learn from and about each other on a simply getaway on a train. Another way to Spice up your beautiful relationship. 

Love Always,

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