Spicing Up Our Relationship 2

by - January 21, 2013

With a heavy schedule, and the demands of work, school and family; sparking more flames in our relationship, more or less has become a favorable and an exciting aspect of our love. It bring's out the childhood fantasies- more to reality.We both take time to look for lovable ideas' or pleasantries that we anticipate to enjoy.

We do cook a lot, most of the time together, but My Love is so smooth with her cooking , I'm trying to catch up to her- it's no walk in park keeping up with her, it's tough because she's so good at it- one day, one day " I go catch up". 
So each time we cook, we anticipate the "hmmm...hmmm, babe, this is good" moment. When my Love cooks, I express my sincerest, honest taste buds acceptance- it's glamours to see how she grins and glows, and I love seeing her like that.

On the same token, when I cook, and she loves it, I love that feeling, especially when she will not stop talking about it, my shoulder broaden's and I grow dimples with a pristine initial smile proceeding a belly grabbing loud silly to hysterical laugh. 

We try out different restaurants also, we dont stick to Italian, American, or Thai, we explore all sorts of food- we definitely are foodies; cautions on how we spend however. 

There are certain restaurants that when you check in on your smart phone give's you discounts on what you eat; a typical example is Yelp , so we do that quite often.  Don't forget, saving money spices up relationships too..

With this post we'll mainly focus on food, on the next Spicing Up Our Relationship (SUOR), we'll emphasize on our experiences with treating ourselves to massage's and other "Nirvana"- taking health modalities 

We surprise each other a lot, we know what we both like, so surprises are key. It feels good to get an unexpected cologne ( men's fragrance) you've wanted; and the best part, it doesn't have to be an occasion- feels so good. 

See you in the next post, when we explore other surprise ideas, working out together- biking; and,  how we "treat ourselves"....

To Our Love

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