In Love With A Colored Girl

by - January 20, 2013

The flamboyant colors she explores exemplifies the beauty in her nature, and a beauty in nature, she

tell's me the colors she wears, are less vibrant than how she feels inside- hearing her say that make's me

feel good to know that I'm  to be doing the right thing (s) - Loving her with all that God has given me. 

She's ultimately a testimony of an answered prayer, and a fulfillment of all that this man desires; her

character towards other's, her love for all of humanity, and her constant keen willingness to extend a

helping hand shed's a glorious flamboyance of heavenly kindness.

I dont go a minute without saying Thank you for this, or for that, and thank you for us- we are without

a doubt God's blessing

I never wrote this much, and I'm beginning to ask myself where is this side of me is coming from.....

Well, give me a minute to look around....I realize its Bob Marley's Three Little Bird's in the

background, a mint candle shadowing the quiet walls, and blessing the room with sweet aroma, her

voice as she mumbles the lyrics across the room- I guess the feeling is from within and auras around

 How I really feel? Free to be in love with a "Colored" Woman - it's beautiful

As long as we live, 

As long as God permits

Our Love Will Remain Pure

With your prayer, and our constant devotion

We remain Victorious

To Our

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  1. Dennis and Lilian, I absolutely love your blog. I'm going to be glued to this spot for a very long time. Beautiful inspirational words from a beautiful couple. Lil, I'm so so happy for you. God bless you both and continue to make your love stronger

    1. Thanks Gina we appreciate you :-)... We will definitely keep it coming so stay posted. We love your blog also, we are your first followers, be ours too :>


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