Happy Birthday

by - January 20, 2013

To the one who makes me whole,

Baby Happy Birthday to you, I'm thankful to God for you, and I couldn't be any happier 

My life has become complete, and I love all about you

Wow babe, did  I just see a grey hair?

Maybe it's my early stage Cataracts

Any who, Today is a blessing, a day much deserved 

I wish you more Love and Happiness

Great Health, Peace, Joy, Success, and Prosperity

I pray that God will continue to Bless our Love now and Forever More

This day symbolizes God's continual promise of Grace, Mercy, and Everlasting Blessings

To you, to all you aspire to be, and all your heart desires

I'm so happy for you, then I realize it's not my birthday, I guess I can hitchhike this special day with 


Thank you for all you do for our Love

Happy Birthday

I Love You Baby

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