The Best Day of Our Lives

by - August 09, 2013

Ah! How do we start? The feeling is still new, we are still glistening and glowing, we feel unique, vibrant, beautiful, heavenly, and most importantly serene and filled love, joy, euphoria and eternal happiness. For this dream, we will never awake from. Its getting quite difficult to blog about our wedding, so many great moment's so many thoughts, the vibrance, the family love, dedication to us and the friends who came to support are forever deeply rooted in our hearts.

Silence......Its almost 4 days after the wedding and all we talk about is "baby, let's do this again". Its very rare that we exalt "perfection"however, our area wedding was perfect from the beginning of the day till we arrived at hotel.

Lets talk about how we both got ready for the wedding the day before.
African King
We had rehearsal in the evening and it was a great turn out, the wedding planner and her team did an amazing job coordinating the wedding party. That's when it really hit me that in less than 24 hours the rest of my life would change. I was nervous at first, then I asked myself why. Then I realized it was a natural response to the hyper-excitable "nervous system".  Deep down, I was a happy man, I felt at peace, I felt accomplished, I felt humbled, blessed, and overly loved.

I took a deep breathe and journeyed down memory lane each time I saw my soon to be wife, thoughts of all the love we share, her never ending love and dedication to me and my family, I got emotional and prayed in silence thanking God for an answered prayer.

The kids at the rehersal we themselves and quickly  I was back in rehearsal mode. We had some difficulty with the music, but the dedication and patience of my brother-in-law solved the music issue soundly.  Lilian left with her bridal party, and followed with my brethren to Hat City Kitchen. I decided not to have a bachelor party for numerous reasons, one being, I wanted to really focus and enjoy the many blessings of my new milestone.  Another woman in sweaty underwear on my Polo Shirt and Versace pants would not make the night before heavenly. I decided to have a "sit-down" with the fellas. We talked about marriage, commitment, dedication, friendships, and our life experiences. We left hat city after quite a hefty bill, and proceeded to our place. This is the last time  I would see my Wife to be. I walked her to the car, helped with carry a few items. We hugged, and kissed, and hugged and kissed, and hugged tightly and kissed lightly, and said goodbye and see you soon.

Left home and checked into the hotel around 2am, slept till 630am, woke up with so much vim mixed with excitement and euphoria. I already it was a blessed day with showers of blessings in the morning. It rained so hard that morning, I knew God was excited about this day, just excited at we were and still are.  I left the hotel early to get breakfast for all the wedding party, came back drenched in rain- it kind'a felt good though.

My boo is eager to write about her experience, so we'll continue in the next post.

African Queen
It was the best day of my life and as my husband said we want to do it again. P. S it feels great to say that word :-).  My dad and brother came from Ghana to witness their only daughter and sister get married.  The rehearsall went well except for the music but thanks to my brother, that issue was solved.  I left the church feeling confident that everything will run smoothly on my wonderful day. My girls and I left to pick up my dress and my ring.  That went well thank God.  Since everyone was hungry at this point, we met with the fellas at hat city and had a blast. We all went to our apartment, I packed a few things and headed to the hotel with my ladies.  This will be the last time seeing my baby before our wedding day.  It felt like I was going on a long trip. I didn't want to let go of him and vice versa.  We finally parted ways around 1:30 a.m.
My ladies and I headed to the hotel. I was so exhausted at this point we went to sleep around 3:30 a.m. I tossed and turned throughout the night. At 5:30am I decided to get up and write my love note to my husband to be. As I poored out my heart to him on paper, it started raining very hard outside. Showers of blessings! I said to myself, this is the day that The Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Love Always,

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