Must Do's Providence, Rhode Island

by - August 30, 2013

A summer trip to Providence Rhode Island is definitely a must do. The weather is just "right", the seafood is to die for and the ambience in historic architecture is a must see. We spent a few days in Providence and we fell victim to its rich aroma's of good and mixed cultural delicacies. From Italian, Caribbean, American, and Spanish delicacies. 

Cranston, RI, hosts T's restaurant, we must confess, one of the best breakfast/brunch we've had. The eggs, pancakes, fruit salad, waffles, honeyed lemon tea , hm! just right. The wait staff were amazing, and a 15 minute wait time flies by so fast you couldn't tell it had been that long. 

The night time wakes up to a variety  of great food and a well paced  night life. The energy at night is well paced, not too crowded, parking is reasonable. Lots of Hookah bars for those of you who are interested; and great sea food- just want to say that again. Shark Sushi is definitely a place to go. Oh yes, they do have sharks in there. We don't want to burst your bubble, you gotta check it out.  

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