Be Better

by - November 11, 2013

With each day comes new opportunities and avenues to positively grow to become a better person.  As we have learned, there are no perfect individuals in life, and everyone is fallible, therefore, there's no need to "beat" up yourself because of your pitfalls. You tried and failed, and gave up? Come on, there's no room for that on the road to success. Brush it of, and lets journey together on the positive attitude course.

Become better each day in all you do, breathe deeper in the midst of your hurdles, and poise your mind and heart in sync to overcome every hinderance in your day. Be better with the decisions you make, pray, pray, pray, keep on praying, answers will come, believe when you pray, receive when you pray, and answers will come.

We also have seen bad day's, we've had our share of facing the unexpected, but with God, all things are possible. So many a time on this blog, we've focussed on positivity and the uniqueness of prayer as vital tools to overcome every situation- and we still stick to these concepts.

Be better with yourself each day, be better to your loved ones, be better in your relationship with God, and don't loose track of all the hardships you've overcome. There are more blessings coming your way, your positive attitude and determination and faith in God, are your only guarantees; therefore, be better at all times.

Love Always,

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