Love, Our New Religion

by - January 26, 2014

Tonight as we watch the Grammy's and enjoy the memorable performances of the music we love, our Love keeps us warm in this brr winter. In the midst of this, we decide to blog ;share our love, share golden times and our future blessed times

We try so hard to put just pictures, pictures without writing, writing about the love we deeply share, sharing our love has become our new religion, religion we call it, it is more of less like our new addiction, addiction to care and love each other endlessly, endlessly. 

Tonight, we decide no visual pictures, instead, we illistrate to you a glimpse of our love filled with substance and warmth.

Loving has been great. The patience we have for each other, the countless memorable conversations we share, especially at dinner, have become routine, and has really powered the direction of our marriage. These ingredients have spiced our love, often we daze when we are apart (at work) thinking of each other. See being patient is key. Be patient with each other, and everything will fall in line. 

The long talks about our future,talks about how faithfull God has been to us, and our families, really sheds light on how we feel. It allows us to open up more, it allows us to comfortable, it allows us to be human. 

As  young as we are , we enjoy being married young, and for that, we are deeply humbled by LOVE and prayers of our families and loved ones- it's what keeps us going. We continue to grow in love each day, every second of time. 

We challenge you to give love a shot. We challenge you to put God first. He listens, He forgives, and He's on your side. No matter how cold your Winters have been, or have brr you perceive your Wintets to be, God will comfort and warm. 

We challenge you to Love.

Thank you for reading....Enjoy your Lovely Week

Love Always,
Lilian & Dennis 

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