Friday, February 21, 2014

A Couple of Forevers

Thinking back, it's been six months already? Six solid months of man-and-wife. Yes!
Same time six months ago, we shared vows juiced spiritually in Christian doctrines and mixed with the cultivated perceptions and profound expectations of our hearts and minds. So long we waited for this one special day to come, and finally, and majestically God graced us. Come to think about it, it certainly feels like yesterday; this evening as we cheerfully glanced through a few pictures from our wedding, we were surprised at all the people we missed to recollect were there; not good to forget that someone came to your wedding,  but the vibrant emotions flooded our inbuilt facial recognition system. We guess that's a good excuse........forgive us. 

For the first time in our lives we did what we had dreamed of for years, and imagined the euphoria associated with the concept of matrimony. Here we were, in the midst of our lovely friends and loved ones, living our dream. The music, the joy, the bonds, the fashion, the happiness others showed on their faces through their warm hearts, and gifts of their presence are memories to live and cherish eternally. 

It's been 6 months of marriage, and we can't stop talking about our future anniversary. Sounds silly that there are other things to talk about like children, a new home, the business and responsibilities that will come with it, but look at us, sitting here after a 16 hour day, on the edge of our couch enjoying John Legend's new CD, and all we can't think about is us, and us, and us. Its beautiful to be young, and blessed with the joys of family and infinite friendships. Being humble is not an act but our ultimate responsibility of selflessness. 

As we explore our imperfections, and imagine what this wine umph's us to blog about, we motivate ourselves as we sprint towards our last semester of graduate school. It's been a long and challenging journey working full-time and schooling full-time, but God's fuel of grace, mercy, and dedication has seen us through, and for that we are open to that divine favor. 

Six months from now, it would be a year in marriage, 3 months from now, it would be 4 years of being together, and the memories and numbers in anniversary will live on as we from in love and grace. Certainly a couple of forevers.