The Food in Jamaica, So Good

by - September 19, 2014

The swine is Devine. We had Jerk Pork for the first time, and tell you what? It tasted so good we wanted to hug whoever cooked it, it was  well spiced, well cooked, and lovingly well sautéed in Jamaican culture and splendor. The jerk chicken on the other hand,  had no competition, graciously on point. We had curry goat, oxtail and stew fish, and hm hm hm ...mama Mia... is all we can say......Jamaica does take cooking and good eats to a different level. To a higher level they say.

Most importantly, this might sound like an advertisement, but, please don't miss out on any all inclusive deals. We are yet to explore other parts of Jamaica, so far Ocho Rios has been ideal and all we expected it to be. When it comes
To the beach here, Bahamas might have Jamaica beat when it comes to the beaches overall...are we speaking too soon? Let's wait and see........

Honestly, it's quite overwhelming the amount of good and drinks available. It's unbelievable to have drinks and food served around the clock with such great customer service, with such good quality of food. The weather is just right this September, and the Sun does justice to the tan seekers, however, spares no one of its fury. The pools are clean and and well catered for. Well chlorinized and life guards are proactive. 

The only downside is the stray cats at night. We love animals, but these fatherless cats at night do justice to vacation seekers. We couldn't get used to them. They came in different colors, but primarily black; and you know what they say about black cats..........

Bars, Live Music, Discoteques, around the clock, name it, Jamaica has it. We might have to continue this post.... Some Jerk Chicken just hmmm..... Later people

Thanks for reading,
Love Always

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