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by - October 18, 2014

It's almost a sin if you live this lifetime without visiting Roma, Italy; maybe less of a sin, to soothe a positive vibe. Go to Rome......its the capital of Italy, with approximately less than 3 million, that sounds like lots of wine, and good food, and culture in one city. Roma is cited as the oldest cities in Europe. Visit Roma and you will learn so much about art, history, religion, culture, you will eat so well, and meet a vibrant and diverse array of people on your quest, or meet natives who know little to no English, and will force you to clinge on more to your translator apps; google has a good one by the way.

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Why did we go to Roma, Italy? Ci piacciamo, la bella Italia.
Luckily we have family there, so navigating there was less cumbersome, and the amazing family support system is close to heaven.  We had breakfast, so filling, so soothing, we then settled in, talked for a while and took our first nap.

We woke up to delicious smell of lasagna. We couldn't calm our claws to eat, and to so much joy we heard, lunch was ready, hammy. Calmly, and with an open stomach and eager taste buds, we engulfed the delicious lasagna and some vino bianco (pinot grigio) , it was so good we could barely stay awake, all this mixed in the getting used to the time difference, was quite a hurdle. We took a power nap, and then headed to the Vatican City, (see pictures below), it was closed, but we enjoyed great picture taking, and the exterior genuineness in architecture and art. Its sits so confidently, and very well catered for and guarded by Swiss guards.

It's important that we do not omit the relevance of Roma as a religious significance to the Italian people, and world as a whole, and more importantly to Christianity. Even though it was closed to public during the evening hours we got there, there were other curious people from all walks of life who enjoyed the gainfully architecture.

The mood on the first day we visited Roma was elevated, it was our birthdayyyyyyyy!! We continue to give God thanks, always humbled by his mercies.

There has always been something new in our lives by His grace.  Back to Roma. As we left the Vatican, we saw opened stores, small shops, pizzerias, and meekly crowded people,as they all geared to exist this historic site. We walked with fish eyes, and snapped and snapped and snapped.....We love our cannon t4i camera so much, its a good start-up camera, and best buy has great
deals, we highly recommend it.

After the walking around and window shopping, we boarded the train and headed to the Colosseo.


Thank you for reading, to be continued......
Dennis & Lilian 

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