How Much We Love Roma, Italia 2

by - October 19, 2014

We boarded the train to Termini station and headed to the Colosseo; it had gotten darker as the night neared, but weather was still cozy, Roma seemed busy and filled with curious tourists, commuters and natives. We stopped by a nearby stand for cappuccino and across the street stood the blueprint of stadiums worldwide- the Colosseum.

So beautiful, so grand and majestic; we wondered what the walls would say if they spoke. The street lights wholeheartedly shared all of its bright lights towards it, this enhanced its magnificence at night. 

There were fences so we couldn't enter, what a day of "cannot enter", yet, we gracefully enjoyed the outside views. We snapped and snapped pictures till we exhausted all possible geometric angles and silly posses. Numerous times, we would just pause and enjoy the view, and admire the architecture.

Across the street was a nice Italian restaurant, and the aroma it diffused was so enticing we had to pray to fight it's temptation, because we knew well that we had dinner anxiously waiting............
Overall, it was such a calming experience, and to think about the engineering and manpower involved,  how long it had withstood nature, impressive is an understatement. Some reinforcements were in progress as well, there were small fences around the right entrances: and, it looked dark inside, and the darker it looked, the more curious we got.

For one night, on a first day to Roma, we had seen significant historic sites, sites relevant  to western civilization, yet we hungered for more. This moment was so captivating, and immersed in a honeymoon celebration, a birthday and a european tour; humbling. 

Next, we headed best to Fontana di Trevi.....We could see and endless night.

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