A Night Out at Fontane di Trevi and Spanish Steps

by - October 20, 2014

We have seen images of the Trevi fountain and read about it. As well as the Spanish steps. It was exciting to be seeing it, we kept on saying to one another. We must apologize for not stressing the significance of Jordan assisting us to venture these sights, him and his family were and continue to be the pivot of such a successful trip, and we cannot thank them enough-Thank you, ye daase.

En-route were cable stones, historic buildings, fine restaurants, and gift shops. The streets were less noisy as compared to the day, yet the scooters, weaved through traffic and the fiats and alpha romeo's stitched their tires well as they maneuvered through traffic. It was approximately a 15 minute zig-zagging walk, and sigh we arrived..............
No bright lights, no fountain of water, no tossing of coins for good luck, no fireworks... uncertainly disappointed, it was under renovation/restructuring...sad face was the least of our emotional state, but, we stayed humble and enjoyed the moment, we had seen it, not in the shape we expected it to be in, but, we've enjoyed the moment, and continued our quest through Roma..............

Next to the Spanish Steps

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