From Kansas City, Missouri With Love

by - December 05, 2014

When your friends become family, the excitement is  pulsating that people around you can see the happiness within. Honestly, it defines love, it creates positive energy, and inspires for a lifetime. We had such an awesome time in Kansas City , Missouri, thanks our amazing hosts C&C, and our NJ Crew.

 We were honored to visit The American Jazz Museum courtesy of our amazing hosts. The history, culture and the magnitude of Jazz music and history of African American History is overwhelming. It was difficult to leave this site. We took tons of pictures and we will forever be grateful for this experience.  Overall we were very impressed by all the education, exhibit, and performances that the American Jazz Museum provides for the community.

Across the street from the American Jazz Museum, we took some great memorable pictures of various historic spots. Its important that we stress on the culture and vibe at this location. People were very nice, they seemed to be easy going and laid back. It was good to see that.

We got silly at the Historic 18th & Vine; this place internationally recognized as one of the birthplaces of Jazz. As usual, we took lots of pictures, and enjoyed being part of history. It's a location walked on by so many, and we can humbly say " we've been there". Read more about 18th & Vibe here

We took this picture at the National World War 1 Museum in Kansas City, MO. It was cold and chilly, but we had to show our respect to the heroes who died for our freedom and solidarity.  If you plan to visit, click here for more information, the scenery and architecture is memorable. 

The Caribbean delicacies, hm hm hmmmmmm........Now its all visual satiety........ We really felt at home, looks so good, just looking at the pictures now. Can you guys mail us some for Christmas? 


Words cannot describe the generous hospitality we received, whenever we glance through these pictures, we relive those sweet memories, and wish we could visit more often. Our friends  have defined how far we've come and promises how far we will go.  More exciting is how positively inclined we all are, and its beautiful how we get along. 

Our last night in Kansas City, MO, we dined at Cafe Gratitude. All vegan restaurant, lots of healthy delicacies, and the positive vibe in the restaurant was so soothing, and created room for good company and great conversation.  Take a second and check out their menu here, you might be able to cook a little somn' somn' at home. 

Yes we had barbecue in Kansas City, MO. 
We stood in line for an hour, and it was worth it. 

One again, Thanks to our amazing friends, sorry, thanks to our family for a great trip, and continuos support and love. Lets keep our promises to each other, and continue to put God first in all we do. Until we meet gain, May God continue to bless you, and all our readers. 


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