Tanti Auguri, Happy Birthday My Love!!!!

by - January 20, 2016

You're Are Amazing.

Sometimes I wonder if you've lived your whole life preparing to be a wife and a mother, because it amazes me how beautiful and sweet your love is : so eloquent, so precise, so positive a demeanor, caring, kind, warmhearted and hardworking. I sit back at times and watch you when you're not looking, and I  enjoy your presence in our life.  The feeling of love for you and for us is always constant and vibrant. Over time, these feelings boils down in my soul, so much so that I can't keep it to myself.  So then my blog becomes a positive outlet.

You're Smile Is Golden.

I'm glad that by God's grace, another year has passed, and your love remains stronger and pulsatile as always. The love we share is the reason I excel in all I do, it fuels me, motivates me, and reminds me that certainly, you're the Queen I always prayed for ; everything about you liberates me, and forever, I will give you all of me.

You're Heart, So Warm.

Honestly, I thought I knew all about love, ready to settle down, and all,  but I've come to know love - more, and more- and more - all because of the beautiful love we share. I know countless people who are excited to see you excel as well, you've set significant example's for others and myself, and I pray for God's guidance n your endeavors.

Your'e Godsent.


The memories are infinite, the laughter, the silly jokes, your beautiful smile, and your patience. I want the world about this great love that we share, and I pray that our seeds appreciate love and compassion towards everyone they meet in this lifetime. Its so fulfilling to be graces by life, and most importantly, to wake up to you every morning. I enjoy all the simplicities that we share, and even when we face challenges, it builds so much optimism in me that I know we can overcome everything through Love.

You're Amazing.

I know our life and love will last forever. I don't know how many times I daydream about you, our love feels so brand new, and I'm thankful for that. I'm not sure how many wishes you've prayed for as you turn another year in life, but theres a single wish I've prayed to God for, and I know the God we serve never fails. I'll whisper it to you today, as I nibble on your ear.....

You're Beautiful.

Last year, I surprised you twice on your birthday. This year, who know's what's at stake! My spirit unwinds on this day each, I take time to appreciate all that you continually do for us. I adore you. I respect you. I cherish you. I will always Love you. I love you.

Happy Birthday Ewoenam!!!!!!
Love Alway's
Your Hubby!

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