As We Reflect On Our First Pregnancy

by - February 15, 2018

Our due date is nearing by; soon, reality will begin to set in. We begin to realize that we need more room for all of us, not to mention, more space for all the things we would need! Also, our new lives we require getting two of everything. It's really happening, we would often say to each other. Still don't know why we were so shocked that things were moving as we prayed for, maybe we were overjoyed and drooled in the joys of parenthood.

God is always on our side.
We seem to do well in tougher situations, and God always sees us through.  We are the ideal couple to talk to if you don't believe in God, because our life story exemplifies God's grace. What are the odds that our next door neighbor who had a bigger place decides to move at the same time we begin to look for a bigger place? Not just that, everyone who hears that we are looking for a bigger place joins in to ready our new place, with new closet, new floors, new tub and on, and on, and on. The best part, we did not have to move far, and the transition was painless to the point that, everything would eventually go as planned.

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With a few good family members and friends we would move into our new spacious place, by God's grace. Although, once agin, it looks like we might need a bigger place, as our babies are growing and seem to have overtaken all the so called "space" we once had.

I would soon realize that a new responsibility as a hubby and a prerequisite for fatherhood; baby-shower planning. My way of expressing the joys of life, and the blessings in our lives is to celebrate. Its okay to say, I could sometime go overboard with planning events, but, life is precious, and I'm all about the unforgettable moments that are cherished a lifetime. With that said, the baby-shows had to speak for itself. Our first baby-shower, it had to be grand, it had to be classy, and most importantly, bring happiness and joy to my Queen.

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Dennis &Lilian 

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