Reflecting Our First Pregnancy

by - February 12, 2018

Looking back, and glancing through all the beautiful photos we took during our gestation, we unravel all sorts of emotions within us, and it awakens a deep sense of relief, and high sense of accomplishment. This, to write and share with you, gives us closure. We hope our blog inspires you. We wish we had kept blogging throughout journey, nonetheless, time constrains did not allow that. Still not to late to reflect and share with you all. 

As we mention in the last post, seeing them grow during each medical visit was so inspiring. Each time we would come home with a different ultrasonic photograph and keep at them from all angels. In fact, we keenly anticipated each visit because of this. For me it was magical and surreal. I'm forever amazed, and forever astonished by God's work in our lives. 

Let talk more about being afraid. Yep! It was scary to be pregnant. Really it was, and we say this not scare anyone, but because we knew and had seen so many complications of twin pregnancies, we remained a little edgy on our seats, and that made us afraid at times. At times we would sway out of optimism and be afraid of the unknown, and a way that we got our minds of that was to believe in God for a positive outcome, keep praying and keep working.

By being a little afraid, we remained more vigilant to any uncertain concerns. If we felt something was wrong we sought medical care promptly. We did our best to isolate our anxieties from medical necessities only.  If we had not gone through this pregnancy, we would have remained naive on what pregnancy entailed. 

At the beginning of the second trimester, this was sometime in late Winter 2015, out of the blue, icepack and pressure on the top bony prominence of my Queen's nose was our only resort, as we experienced epistaxis. A fancy word for nose-bleed. This lasted for approximately 15- 30 minutes, lingered on, and slowly eased of after a week or two. 

Catch you on the next post!

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