Becoming A Father

by - February 11, 2018

I've always enjoyed the sweet childhood memories with my brothers, and specifically with my parents; either it was going to the village on a weekend to see our grandparents or getting Christmas presents. So, I had always been keen to experience parenthood. I wondered what kind of father I would be. Also, I have always wanted to create awesome memories with my family, and fantasized about having lots of laughter, as I saw this as an opportunity to intentionally be silly all over again. 

When we found out that we would have twins, we were ecstatic. If I were good at backflips, I would have back flipped all day in euphoria.  But, the whole screaming and losing your voice kind of ecstatic mad up for my excitement. Man! This went on for a while, maybe, it still goes does, and it feels great. We had been married for 2-3 years, and our families and friends alike wondered when we would conceive. No pressure at all. .... Yeah! No pressure. 

So when we were blessed to with two, we knew our prayers had been answered.  Blessings on blessings on blessings! We remained humbled, and later surprised our families with the great news. In the midst of our euphoric state, we understood the complexities of a twin pregnancy, furthermore, considering how active we both were with our jobs, and being newly married, working full-time to make ends meet financially, we remained optimistic and prayed for the best outcome. In layman terms, it was also stressful. 

Pregnancies are delicate. More elusive when you know so much about its delicacy, and go through it for the first time, it can be stressful. The dynamics of our relationship changed. We prioritized differently, and compromised as we began to plan for our new future.  Wow! I'm becoming a father? I would often daydream. Deep down it felt so good. Deep down, I felt so clueless on what to expect. So prayed, and prayed for the best. 

As my queen's body began to change, so did our gems inside her. I changed also, I waked shoulder high, became more concerned and curious about our new transformation. Everything was new, but my excitement of becoming a father overshadowed any uncertain fears. I laughed at how wobbly she walked, and boasted " Yep! I did that"! 

As the morning sickness kicked in earlier, but did not last, I empathized with her, and Graham's crackers and spicy foods came in handy. I had heard how needy some women became during pregnancy, which mostly is attributed to hormonal changes, but my queen was easy on me, and the abundance of family support smoothens this phase of pregnancy. 

It was always exciting to go for the obstetrician visits, because we came home with the cool ultrasound photos, indicating the length of the gems, how their organs were developing, and what positions/locations they were in. Our princess had a different pose every time, and our prince barely let go of his thumb as he mostly assumed a yoga position in utero. 

We would often spend countless times imaging how they would look, how they would behave, and what traits they would have. And when it came to names, we had countless, from Mawuena & Mawoko, and the list goes on. Giving the African names was very important to us; we always want to keep our unique lineage and heritage. In line of lineage and heritage, we often imaging taking them to Ghana, and anticipating all the questions they would have, and how much we would share with them, as we toured our parents and forefather’s ancestry. 

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