Planning Our First Baby Shower

by - February 17, 2018

Our wedding location was awesome, and the mere thought of it brings lots and lots of goose bumps. The sweet memories of vows, family, smiles, music, dancing mixed with and all the preparations that took place, make those memories so much worthwhile. Never mind almost lost track here. This is the post we talk about the planning for our first baby shower. 

Focus here. 
We often wonder, if there would be anymore baby shower(s) in the future! Well, we live to see! In planning our shower, our thought processes geared to finding an ideal location with an unforgettable ambiance; as we always want people to have that "wow factor", and be moderately exuberant. We wanted a place with good food, good lightening, and great customer service, parking, and spacious enough for our guests. 

Luckily, we found a very nice place closer to us, and the price was decent to include food and drinks. The tricky part was setting the date, as we didn't want it to be to late in our pregnancy, and too early as well. We agreed on March 6th 2016, as the date exemplified Ghana's independence, and our planned delivery date was June 2016. Also, we thought that people would remember the date, as most of the invitees were Ghanaians. 

Our culture dictates that we send out invitations to all guests, so we did.  We bared additional costs in printing the cards, as things would have it, our invitation cards had to breath our excitement of becoming parents, and we needed enough to mail out to all our guests. Some actually didn't show up because they were invited verbally, and, or did not get the actual card in the mail. Any-who, that’s a different future post. 

Mind you, we rented out a hall for about 100-120 people, in doing the math; we had to pay per head. Let's not do the math, no, no, no; let's not do the math. We couldn't leave people out, especially, those who had always supported us. 

The main emphasis for this post is that our co-worker's, and family were outstanding with helping us in all aspects of our shower. They were helping in helping us with decorations, making the cake, and sorting out souvenirs. Every step of our journey has been possible because of God's grace, our family and friends. This is the fundamental message well scripted in most of our blog posts, and we pray this inspires you. 

The shower was awesome!
We'll tell you about it in the next post. 

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